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White Cranberry Martini

I love doing fun martinis for girls nights. Maybe I was way to impressionable when Sex and the City was on TV, but it just seems to be the perfect compliment to gossip and catching up. This White Cranberry Martini is simple to make, but absolutely delicious. You can easily mix this up with what you have on hand as well. The base recipe is vodka, juice and an infused simple syrup. Try different variations and see what you like!

Crunchy Daycare

On this episode of the Crunchy Cocktail Hour, we are joined by Amy Brady who is the director of our kid’s daycare. She also happens to be a ton of fun. We planned to start recording the episode at 6 pm, but didn’t actually hit the record button until closer to 10. Way too much fun being had.

When we finally did get into it, we talk about the healthy choices you can make when selecting and working with a daycare to create the best possible environment for you little ones.

Click here to listen to Episode 14: Crunchy Daycare.

Bartender’s Bread and Butter

Simple Syrup is really a bartender’s bread and butter. Taking a look through my recipes on this blog, Simple syrup is in more than not. You can make all sorts of variations and it adds a great flavor and sweetness to any cocktail. Check out this super simple Infused Simple Syrup recipe to make the Rosemary Simple Syrup for this recipe.

Pour yourself a White Cranberry Martini and enjoy!


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White Cranberry Martini
  1. Make the Rosemary Simple Syrup and allow to cool
  2. Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice
  3. Shake until well blended
  4. Distribute evenly in martini glasses
  5. Add frozen or fresh cranberries or a lime for garnish
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