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Holiday Sangria

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During the holidays I always tend towards large format cocktails that can please a crowd. If it’s super easy and can be made in less than 10 minutes? Even better! This Holiday Sangria is the perfect addition to any holiday party.

Sangria is typically wine, spirits, fruit and fruit juices. It was invented to help mask cheap wine with other flavors. If you’ve got a bottle laying around that you just aren’t excited about on its own, thinking about using it for a Sangria. You know you’ve got a few hostess gifts collecting dust on your wine shelf. For this Holiday Sangria, I went with festive flavors adding oranges and cranberries to the mix. As a little holiday gift to Larisa, I kept the holiday spices out of this one. But I will say, I think it would be amazing with a cinnamon stick and/or cloves.

Crunchy Cocktail Hour: Holiday Traditions

On this episode, Larisa and I dive into our holiday traditions. If you know me in real life (or have taken more than a cursory glance at this blog) you know that Christmas is my jam. I love everything about this season from decorating, shopping for gifts, entertaining, and especially the traditions I have with my family. You can catch up on some of our past Christmases here.

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Cocktails for a Crowd

As I mentioned, I love large format cocktails for a crowd when entertaining. You can do a relatively simple, crowd-pleasing cocktail and guests can serve themselves. A sangria or a punch is your best bet. Something with enough fruit flavor to please everyone, enough alcohol that it’s fun but not too much that it’s an unexpected hit and some pretty fruit for garnish. You can serve these cocktails in a number of ways. My favorite is a glass pitcher, beverage dispenser or a beautiful punch bowl. Here are some of my favorites.


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Holiday Sangria
Holiday Sangria Christmas Sangria Cocktail Large Format
Holiday Sangria Christmas Sangria Cocktail Large Format
  1. Cut up the fruit and add to a large pitcher
  2. Add the bottle of wine, apple cider, and liquor to the pitcher
  3. Stir and let sit for several hours
  4. Add ice prior to serving or serve over ice
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