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Hibiscus Gin Sour

I have been dying to make this drink for what seems like forever! When we did our episode on the Importance of Female Friendship wayyy back in episode 4 (what?!), I left the cocktail up to an Instagram vote, and it was heavily weighed towards the Grapefruit Sage Mimosa that we ended up going with. BUT, I still thought the Hibiscus Gin Sour was worthy of a try. And it sure was. Seriously, this was so beautiful and so delicious. The hibiscus simple syrup provided the most perfect pink color and the egg whites created the most frothy top. Perfection.

Things Heard on the Internet

On Episode 21 of the Crunchy Cocktail Hour, we have a little fun with weird things found on the internet. Larisa found some super bizarre stuff that definitely provided a laugh. Really worth a listen.

Click here to listen to Episode 21: Things Found on the Internet.

This recipe calls for a Hibiscus Simple Syrup. You can use this super easy simple syrup recipe, and use Hibiscus as your herb of choice. I struggled with finding dried hibiscus, so ended up going with a loose leaf hibiscus tea which worked really well. Use what you’ve got!


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Hibiscus Gin Sour
  1. Fill a large cocktail shaker with ice
  2. Add all ingredients to the shaker and shake very hard until well combined and frothy
  3. Add ice to a highball glass and strain the cocktail shaker into the glass
  4. Garnish with a twist of lemon or a hibiscus flower and enjoy!
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