Living a happy life with a glass of wine in hand

Meet Alison!

Meet Alison!

Alison is a Canadian-born, American-raised, working mom of one under one. She has been described as a dainty maple leaf with resting pleasant face, but she’d say she’s SLIGHTLY more edgy than that.

Alison is the less-crunchy voice behind the Crunchy Cocktail Hour and Working full-time for a Management Consulting firm, Alison likes to unwind with home projects, baking, soaking up every minute of her daughter and, of course, enjoying cocktails with friends and family. Prior to having her daughter, Alison thought crunchy only referred to pizza crust. Oh the simpler times.

Follow Alison as she fumbles through a healthier lifestyle via @crunchycocktailhour on Instagram and Facebook, or check out her blog Don’t forget to subscribe to the Crunchy Cocktail Hour on iTunes or Apple Podcasts.

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